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If My Heart Had Wings [English, Adult Content Restored] Game

Nasu's comment: As you may have noticed, Touko-san is the total-participation all-purpose handyman of the type moon fiction. Her legs are erotic. It's the kind of erotic that makes you think "What's up with this person!?". It's the design that best projects Koyama's overflowing pure passion, don't you agree? By the way it was stated in the character material released in 2006 that "Touko is 2 years older than Aoko", but with the release of the game various things were changed. In the most recent edition, the age difference is 4 years. But she is still young. For those who want to see an adult Touko please switch to Kara no Kyoukai. The younger sister powers up as she ages, while the older one upgrades her version and rejuvenates herself. What is it with these sisters ?Koyama's comment: When thinking about her circumstances I can't help but sympathise with her. But since she managed to rebuild her life from there, she is such a strong person. I enjoyed drawing her particular glasses on/off modes. I wanted to include more drawings in the game of before she cut her hair. The two sister's severed relationship might be conclusive, but I still want to see more dialogue between them. Her clothes were designed to be far from ordinary with an emphasis on sexiness and style, and seeming usable both indoors and outdoors. They definitely don't look very magus-like do they?

If My Heart Had Wings [English, Adult Content Restored] game


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