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Reason Refills - Dr Rex - Dr Octo Rex 64 Bit

Inside the Dr OctoRex there is this awesome button called "Copy loop to Track". With this button the complete slided up sequence of a Rex file is being thrown on the reason sequencer. Simply put, this method is my prefered method in stead of using a "Run Button". The main benefits: Flexibilty and Control!

Reason Refills - Dr Rex - Dr Octo Rex 64 Bit

Good question - Kong and Dr. Octo Rex appear to encompass completely different workflows on the surface. However, dig deeper and you'll discover that the reason for the Nurse Rex module in Kong is that there are some really cool things you can do with sliced loops and drum pad triggering. Re-triggering the start of a loop on the 1/8th notes, East Coast style' Check. Using Kong to let you intuitively trigger and re-sequence chords from a loop using your drum pads' Check. Combining multiple stems so that you can trigger them like a sample off a record - in other words, resampling made simple' Check. Nurse Rex can do all this and more - so, without further ado, here's how to use the Nurse Rex module and its special Hit Types within Kong.

The reason the whole loop plays back is because Pad 1 is set to 'Loop Trig' in the Hit Type box on the bottom right. To play back individual slices, we need to change this to 'Slice Trig'. Pad 1 now plays only the first slice, and we can use the other Pads to trigger the other 2 slices in the same loop loaded into Nurse Rexes on the other Pads. Copy the first Pad over to Pads 2, 3 and 4 by right-clicking the Pads.

The other consideration before exporting the clip as a REX is the tempo. REX loops are tagged with a default tempo, which, when created by Reason, is set by the current tempo of the song. Changing the tempo in Reason will time-stretch the clip, which will affect the sound of the audio slices in the REX file. For this reason, the best sonic results are obtained by setting the tempo of the song to the original tempo of the clip before export.

Does having your refills in the Reason folder allow for faster searching? I have a drive thats dedicated to just refills. When searching for refills it takes a long time to go thru all the refills. Refills that are in the Reason folder search almost instant, like they have been indexed. Would moving the refills to the reason folder help with searching?

It still takes 10 minutes to load a piano combinator from the props piano refill (with reason 5 incl update). Never had this problem with older versions of reason, on slower machines mind you. Searching takes forever too. I was thinking of getting a ssd for my refills, but I have the bad feeling this is just part of the new reason 5 coding because I run a quad core machine and get 60 to 90MB per second throughput with all other activities with the sata drives on full DMA. I hope they sort this out, these loading delays kill creativity.

Is there a way to import all of your .rfl like the soundbanks.. I just want every patch in the right order of the devices.. I have 15 gigs of refills and I do not want to search through all of them.. I just want to see the instruments in the folders.. Ex i open a thor i want every thor patch on my pc in that window so i can cycle through all of my patches to get the one i want .. 350c69d7ab


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