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White Cap Platinum Crack 37 __FULL__

The material cracks because the drill speed is too fast or there is too much pressure on the drill when exiting the hole at the underside of the acrylic sheet. Back up the work area with another piece of acrylic or plywood so then the drill can continue through into solid material. If using a commercially available twist drill, make sure it is ground to a proper angle of 60-90 degrees.

White Cap Platinum Crack 37

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What with a cold winter and the heat running and lower humidity levels, blah blah blah I am making excuses----3 out of 4 of my caps cracked within days of each other. Some of my pens are three years old and the new 0.2 preppy is but weeks old. BAM.

I had 3 preppy 02s crack and one so bad it would not stay on at all. The other two are on their way there now. Someone suggested scotch tape tight around the cap where it is cracked. I tried it and it is working. You cannot really see the tape too bad. Surely this company is going to fix this in the future? I do love these new ultra-fines.

I used the scotch tape method. It's not elegant but so far it's working just fine. The 2 other Preppies I got at the same time show no sign of cracks, though they're used about as much as the one sporting the scotch tape waistcoat.

If aesthetics aren't important, you can wrap the end of the cap with 3M Temflex Rubber Splicing Tape, trimmed with a razor to make a sort of custom cap band. Makes them a little tight, but they're stronger that way. Best thing is to put it on before they crack, but it can be used after. I use the tape for other stuff from time to time.

In the Downpour/Dross II, you will find a white flame somewhere, and a room with a mirror in it. Touching the white flame temporarily turns you into The Lost, but allows you to walk through the mirror into a mirrored version of this floor. You have the Holy Mantle effect to prevent one hit per room, but taking another hit will kill you. The Knife Piece 1 is located in the Item Room in the mirrored area. Returning back through the mirror door returns you back to normal again

The eye has three states, white (not firing), black (first second of charging) and blinking between black and white. If you get hit while Cursed eye is a solid black colour you are guaranteed to be teleported to another random room on the floor. If you get hit in either of the other 2 states you will not be teleported

Gives you a random chance while firing tears to also fire a creep shot, which deals double your tear damage and places white creep on the floor infront of you that slows enemies down if they walk through it

Possible creep types include green (deals damage), black (slows enemies), red (deals damage, forms a line with a larger puddle), yellow (deals damage, forms a short-range cone) and white (slows enemies, forms a ring)

The main purpose of the Cracked Key is to unlock Tainted character in the Home floor without needing to find the Red Key. You can force spawn a cracked key by droping any trinket in a Boss Room or Item room, on any floor on your way down to Depths II. When you take the reverse path back up to Home, the trinket will turn into Cracked Key in the same floor/room you dropped it before.


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