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STAR WARS Jedi Fallen Order-FULL UNLOCKED 2021

What you may not realise upon first starting Jedi: Fallen Order is that you are not immediately presented with the entire tree to browse. There are four stages of the skill tree in total, and each subsequent stage is unlocked at certain significant story beats, when Cal heals his connection to the Force. These moments are:


If you've already finished Jedi: Fallen Order, returning to the main menu will bring up an additional avenue of play called New Journey+, which is basically New Game+. You won't enter this mode with Force abilities unlocked, but will have all of your collectibles, such as lightsaber parts, kyber crystals , and cosmetics. All chests you opened will still be empty. When you start this second playthrough, you can equip Cal with a new Inquisitor uniform along with a red kyber crystal and two new lightsaber sets (which match hilts you can purchase at Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge). 041b061a72


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