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Buy Guild Wars 2 For A Friend

You can purchase through the GW2 website, and send the Serial Code to your friend (the Serial Code will be sent to you via email to be applied to an account). The Serial Code will only be applied to your game account if you purchase in-game.

buy guild wars 2 for a friend

When you buy through the gem store, you just get the gems right away. You could buy your friend a gem card from a shop (just buy the card yourself and give the friend the code), or you could give your friend the gold to buy the amount of gems you want to give them.

The Friends List is a user interface panel that allows you to track the in-game location and status of mutual friends and to see your recent teammates and trade partners. You can also use it to ignore certain accounts. You can toggle its appearance through the in-game menu or using a keyboard shortcut (default key: [N]).

Players whom you have added to your Friends list are displayed here when they are online and in gold font. To add someone to your Friends list, type that character's name in the "Click here to add a friend" box and press enter. Your Friends list can hold up to 100 names.

A lot of my friends are playing The Old Republic, but I can't group with 90% of them. Most of them are on different servers than I am, so if we want to play together, one of us has to abandon our established characters. And even if we could transfer servers, half of the characters are on a different faction, so I couldn't group with them anyways.

MMOs often make it too darn hard to play with your friends--a ridiculous state of affairs for the most social genre in all of gamingdom. But ArenaNet is looking to change that with Guild Wars 2, and revealed the first details in a development blog last month . We followed up with Lead Game Designer Eric Flannum to find out more.

PCG: So I can get to my friend's server. That's great. But what if we're different levels? How will rewards work when high-level players are grouping with low-level characters in low-level areas?

EF: There are quite a few things that we implemented intentionally to help facilitate players playing with each other. For example, our waypoint system is designed to allow players to quickly and easily travel to wherever their friends are. Friends lists and guild membership are account-based to help people play with each other and not force them to remember a long list of alts. Whenever we design a new feature we always ask ourselves how it impacts our players' ability to play with their friends.

Don't be surprised that the game isn't a PVP-centric playground where players can have massive guild-vs-guild battles despite the name. It's quite the opposite-- Guild Wars 2 is a highly-cooperative game and even something as dreamy as an inter-guild or clan conflict isn't officiated in the game.

Hence, this is the closest thing you can actually get to a "guild war" in Guild Wars 2. The catch is that you're stuck in whatever World you picked when you first logged into the game. So, if you do have friends that play Guild Wars 2 and you want to play with them in WvW, then you might want to ask them which world to pick. Otherwise, feel free to choose whatever.

In addition to being friendly to players regarding leveling or progression, Guild Wars 2 is also a rare MMORPG that encourages player cooperation instead of competition. In other titles, players often fight for grinding spots or rewards.

If you're one of those, then picking a beginner-friendly class will offer a better experience. Those would be the Warrior, the Ranger, and the Necromancer. Everything else might feel like you're playing the piano with their complicated combos or are easy to build incorrectly with their specific knowledge or skill requirement.

As ArenaNet has already warned us, their social networking resources will be utilized much more often in the near future. Earlier today, we saw evidence of this on the official Guild Wars 2 Facebook page as four new pieces of concept art for Guild Wars 2 have been released.Now these aren't leaked shots or rumored from a friend of a friend, these are officially the first real pieces of confirmed concept art from the sequel to the highly successful Guild Wars. Follow along in our Guild Wars 2 concept art gallery below to see these images and stay tuned as we continue to bring you more as they're released, including the latest news as it trickles out of GamesCom.%Gallery-70495%

Finally, ArenaNet is kicking off a new contest, this one for those folks who have a great Guild Wars 2-related story about friendship. Anyone who uses the hashtag with such a post will be entered in a sweepstakes, the prizes for which include merchandise, custom portraits, and a PAX West 2018 studio invite. 041b061a72


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