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Teen Portraits Mandy Set 005

In the 2000s, Mandy Moore continued to build an impressive roster of acting credits. In 2003, she starred alongside Allison Janney, Peter Gallagher and Trent Ford in the romantic drama-comedy "How to Deal," which is based on Sarah Dessen's novels "That Summer" and "Someone like You." She played the starring role of Halley Martin, a rebellious teenager who falls in love with the new guy at school. The film grossed $14 million domestically. While "How to Deal" received generally negative reviews, film critic Roger Ebert praised Mandy for her "unaffected natural charm."

teen portraits mandy set 005

WHAT MADE YOU WANT TO BECOME A PHOTOGRAPHER? I began photography as a teenager, and it was always something I was insanely interested in. I love making people feel comfortable and beautiful in front of the camera.

If your teen is looking a little angsty, try having your family members line up side by side with each other, stretch out arms to create some distance, and then have everyone settle their hands into their pockets. No pockets? You can play with an accessory, fluff hair, or just swing your hands/arms around free however they feel comfortable. Pro tip: oftentimes our male friends have a tendency to feel awkward with their hands and arms, so just remind them to find their pockets and slouch a little! That simple gesture makes a world of a difference in terms of comfortability.

Murals and outdoor installations of this type exist all over the world. They are a form of activism that spurs the imagination. They are also a marker of the unique people and spaces making up a community. Younger generations pilgrimage to sites of outdoor work to engage with the art. Bringing these images into the classroom and spaces with teens engages them and ignites relevant conversations.

For pieces related to racism and oppression, feelings of anger, sadness, and frustration may arise. Move toward the behavioral connection: How would it shape your behavior each day if you passed this piece of art on your way to school? How do you think it shapes your community? Challenge teens to begin to recognize how a style compares with other styles of street art that the group has seen or explored.

Self-Management Conversations on self-management focus on the ability to express emotions in a healthy way. When reflecting on initial feelings, ask teens to recall a time they felt a specific emotion. How did you express yourself when you experienced that emotion? Would you consider the expression healthy or unhealthy?

Have a conversation with teens about the meaning of resiliency. When have you overcome obstacles? Who and what helped you? What is a piece of art that expresses overcoming obstacles or mistakes? How does it inspire you? In any preferred style, have teens create a mural design on paper sharing their story of overcoming an obstacle.

Prompt teens to list a favorite family/cultural tradition. Pair or group the students without knowledge of their answers and have them share their experiences. Instruct the group to create an art piece that reflects all their traditions together.

Responsible Decision Making The ability to make responsible decisions requires forethought and clear thinking. The process of planning and creating art is a unique opportunity for teens to practice making choices in a safe space, and take ownership of their decisions and see how they directly result in a specific outcome in the product they create.

Bringing art into social emotional learning adds the element of expression, a pivotal practice for teenagers. And using public art trains a new generation to participate in conversations with their communities and selves. Plus, in its own way, street art promotes a mindfulness practice of slowing down and engaging with surroundings.

When Firefly Lane switches back to the '70s, a bespectacled Roan Curtis plays Kate. Fans of The Magicians will recognize Curtis as Sylvia, though she's also in the teen movie Before I Fall (which is based on an equally wrenching YA book).

The photographs show our family farm in Siegas, Madawaska Co., NB where my father was born, and which still exists today. These images are copies of archival family photographs arranged according to different time periods and feature family members, places, and things associated with life on the farm, as well as, portraits and photographs taken in 2020 and 2021 reflecting life today. 350c69d7ab


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