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Lal Kitab Astrology Book Free BEST 11

Poetic verses are written in it and translated by different authors. The grammar in the Lal Kitab is not easy to understand and make sense of. Only a learned astrologer can understand what the book means. These verses need to be decoded by someone who understands Vedic shastras and astrology.

lal kitab astrology book free 11

  • A book on Astrology - Horoscope Reading made Easy- was published in 2000 by Pustak Mahal, authored by Prof. U.C. Mahajan. The English version of Lal Kitab is an extension of the earlier book and both complement each other. Renowned astrology Roop Lal Wrote Lal Kitab in Urdu, during the 19th century, based on an ancient text.This rare book was popular in north-west India, Pakistan, Iran and many other countries. The English version of Lal Kitab, written by Prof. U.C. Mahajan, has added new dimensions to make it more lucid and easier to understand for common people.The salient points of this book are: 1. Every planet has a benefic or malefic effect according to its raashi and placement in a particular house. For example, Jupiter in house No. 1 can exercise good or bad effects according to its nature, whether excellent or debilitating. Consequently, the author has classified the effect of every planet - good or bad - separately. The earlier book carried a generalized interpretation. Now, readers will find it easy to comprehend every planet's effect.2. More Case studies have been added to make it broad-based.3. New chapters on a house, the effect of auspicious and inauspicious planets, precious stones and their significance, characteristics of all planets, nakshatras and their importance, Natal Moon chart and Saturn's transit (Saade-Saati) i.e. 71/2 years of Saturn's malefic transit through the Moon, have been added.4. Preparation of birth chart according to south Indian traditions has also been included.About the Author: U.C. Mahajan was born at Sujanpur Tira (H.P.) in 1930. He retired as Principal, Government College, Hamirpur (H.P.) in 1988. He interest in Astrology began at his ancestral place in 1990, when he came across Lal Kitab - two rare books an Astrology in Urdu. Since than, he has not only mastered the finest nuances of these books and other ancient texts but also adopted Astrology as his hobby. His first on Astrology - Horoscope Reading Made Easy published by Pustak Mahal - has been widely acclaimed. Encouraged by the tremendous response, he has written this second book. This book is a complete one on Astrology and has been written in a lucid and easy-to-comprehend style. It is an astrological ready reckoner of sorts in which every aspect is explained in depth.CONTENTSChapter No. 1 - Astrology & Human life 11Chapter No. 2 - The Time 14Chapter No. 3 - Planets & Their Significance 15Chapter No. 4 - Zodiac 29Chapter No. 5 - Birth Chart (Horoscope) 40Chapter No. 6 - Houses 41Chapter No. 7 - How to Interpret a Birth Chart 53Chapter No. 8 - Planets & Signs 58Chapter No. 9 - Remedies for Malefic Planets 73Chapter No. 10 - Annual Chart 76Chapter No. 11 - Moon Chart (Varsh Phal) 92Chapter No. 12 - Sun 97Chapter No. 13 - Jupiter (Creator, Universal Guru, Lord Brahma) 111Chapter No. 14 - Moon 130Chapter No. 15 - Mars 148Chapter No. 16 - Venus 163Chapter No. 17 - Saturn 180Chapter No. 18 - Mercury 197Chapter No. 19 - Rahu 213Chapter No. 20 - Ketu 224Chapter No. 21 - Two Planets in a House 235Chapter No. 22 - Sun & Others 252Chapter No. 23 - Moon - Venus 263Chapter No. 24 - Venus - Mars 272Chapter No. 25 - Mars - Mercury 279Chapter No. 26 - Mercury - Saturn 285Chapter No. 27 - Saturn - Rahu 288Chapter No. 28 - Rahu - Ketu 290Chapter No. 29 - Combination of three planets 294Chapter No. 30 - Travels & Transfers 302Chapter No. 31 - Marriage 304Chapter No. 32 - Profession 313Chapter No. 33 - Combination of Four Planets 314Chapter No. 34 - Health & Sickness 316Chapter No. 35 - Home - Sweet Home 319Chapter No. 36 - Recommendation of Precious Stones for Malefic Planets 326Chapter No. 37 - Person's Age 329Chapter No. 38 - Final Chart - A Few Case Studies 333Chapter No. 39 - Mahadashas, Artificial Planets & Remedies 335 Products related to this item

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The book follows the ancient Urdu language. First time in the history of astrology, Lal Kitab introduced a new style of horoscope analysis with quick and affordable remedies. Still, the authorship of the books seems to be disputed.

Lal Kitab (Hindi: ?, Urdu: ?, literally Red Book) is a set of five Urdu language books on Hindu astrology and palmistry, written in the 19th century, based on the Samudrika Shastra.Poetic verses with philosophy and hidden nuances form the core farmanns or upaya (remedy recommended) of the book. It is believed to have Persian origins and has led to field of remedial astrology known as Lal Kitab remedies, that is simple remedies for various planetary afflictions in the horoscope or birth chart, which have over the years become part of the folk traditions of the region, that includes North India and Pakistan.12 Grah & 12 Sthan... Based on this we have given the complete book to you which will tell you what to be done and what is not to be done. It is like Tone Totke / Totke in hindi. It can be considered as Vedic Upchaar / Ilaaj also. It is jyotish book which is equivalent to Jyotish Tools or Astro Jyotish. It does not include any tip for Vastu Shastra or Palmistry or Numerology.Presenting a great Totke / Upaay collection from Lal kitab. This app has been written in Hindi for Hindi readers only. We have collected a complete set of totke from Lal Kitaab.Lal Kitab is a remarkable branch of Vedic astrology. Collection of the 5 books, written during the period of 1939-1952 is called Lal Kitab. Written in ancient Urdu language, first time in the history of astrology, Lal Kitab introduced a new style of horoscope analysis with quick and affordable remedies. Authorship of the books seems to be disputed. However, finding by our research community shows that the books were written by Pt. Roop Chand Joshi.This app is a collection of only famous totke which are appliable in general to most of the problems in your life. We are add more and more totke time to time so that you could get maximum benefit out of it. Any kind of problem such as employment, mental tension, financial crisis; there is some solution given here. Even if you don't get benefit out of them, you are not going to lose anything out of following them. Try, it might help in your case, people have got benefited with these totke and that is why this area of astrology is still living.Download this small app and take a look into them. We have tried to make it readable and completely written in Hindi. Hope you would like them.- Clean and clear interface.- Share this app with your friends and family- Small app which does not take much space on your mobile/tablet.- Option to move to external storage.Hope you would like this app.Thanks a lot for supporting us! Think positive!!


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