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Download Gratis Font Untuk Corel Draw X4

Yes sirI tried 1256 ANSI Arabic coding while importing Arabic file into coreldraw x4.Actually I enabled urdu Language in my operating system and written a file in MS Word. now i want to paste some Urdu text from ms word into coreldraw x4. but coreldraw losses Urdu fonts. i think it is a problem with my installed fonts and coreldraw does not support these fonts.can you help me by indicating some Urdu fonts which are supported by coreldraw x4

Download Gratis Font Untuk Corel Draw X4

We are looking to create fonts to use with our laser cutting program and have the lettering cleaned up and saved in a dxf format. Once we bring the letters in and save them they show up with quite a few more nodes than we had originally drawn them with. They look the right way in Corel but something changes when they are saved. Any ideas on why this is happening?


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